Do you like to shoot?

You know the little guys. When they see a firearm, they are intrigued and won’t rest for a moment until they at least get their hands on it. How happy they would be if they could shoot from it! But they can’t.

Then guys like that get old. But often they don’t change a bit. And when they see a weapon as adults, they would like to try it too. But again, they are unlucky because they don’t often have such a weapon. But desire is desire. And when men want it, they look for some way to enjoy the weapon. And whoever is looking for a solution will find it. Because there are ways to enjoy shooting even if you don’t have a gun. Everyone can shoot at least from a borrowed weapon at a target in a demonstrably safe place.

When such people enjoy it and when they are not harming anyone, well done to them. Even if they are not soldiers, policemen, hunters or similar people who cannot do without weapons, let them shoot freely if someone allows them to.

And who will give them the opportunity to shoot just for fun? After all, the operators of a special shooting range that can be visited in Prague. There, the owners make sure that people can shoot, even if they don’t have a firearm themselves, and that they can shoot with weapons that are not available to ordinary people, but only to specialists, top professionals. Here, the instructors make sure that nothing happens to anyone, that no one hurts themselves either unintentionally or on purpose. And since the instructors speak not only Czech, but also English, even foreigners who can communicate in English can ride there.

And what about you? Wouldn’t you like to shoot too, if it’s that simple? When all you have to do is come, pay and the real experts will take care of everything else? You can enjoy it and it’s up to you to try it. If, for example, you fulfill the dreams that boys have had since childhood. And which often stay with them for life.

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