Do you like guns too?

There are also people who admire firearms and like to shoot them when they have the opportunity. But it goes without saying that this kind of shooting is not something we can do anytime and anywhere.

In order for us humans to shoot any real weapon, we first need to have a space where we won’t hurt anyone. And we must not be dangerous ourselves. So people need a gun license first. Only with such a firearms license can we purchase a legal weapon that we are allowed to have in that particular case.

But even those who don’t qualify to own a firearm can actually enjoy shooting sometimes. But this is only possible if someone with authorization supervises them, if a professional introduces them to everything important, offers them a suitable space and takes care of security. But we don’t come across such offers every day. They are rare. But still here they are.

If someone does not have a gun, they can also shoot with a borrowed gun at the Prague shooting range, where both visitors from the Czech Republic and English-speaking foreigners can engage in this activity. Such services are offered here. Here, they lend their clients different weapons to try out in a safe area. And of course not only that. They also have instructors here who explain everything to customers in detail, give advice, and finally make sure that nothing untoward happens.

Just drive here, choose a weapon from the offer here, pay and accept the rules. And then it doesn’t matter that you don’t have your own weapon or even the prerequisites for obtaining one. Because there is an opportunity to use the weapons of local operators. And so everyone who likes weapons and likes to use them will find something to do here.

And it goes without saying that you too can take advantage of this range’s offer. And if you like shooting, you should also go there.

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