Some people like to shoot

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the fact that some people like firearms and enjoy shooting them. If the shooter does not disturb or threaten anyone, he is not bad after all. And he has the right to pursue his hobby.

But a lot of people don’t take up shooting because they don’t have the conditions for it. Someone not only does not have a shooting range or another suitable place where this activity would not be dangerous for anyone, but also their firearm. And someone else might not have all the weapons they’d like to try. Sometimes because he doesn’t have enough money for it, and sometimes because he admires weapons that we civilians aren’t allowed to own.

And if someone doesn’t have the conditions to shoot, but would still like to try it? Then nothing is lost at all. Such a person can also take advantage of the shooting range, which lends people various weapons and allows them to shoot there. And this in the presence of Czech and English-speaking instructors, who will provide their visitors with the chosen weapon, familiarize them with everything and make sure that such people can enjoy their fun without risk.

Whether someone likes modern or, conversely, old weapons, there is always the right one for them. And all you have to do is get here and focus on what you can’t do just anywhere. People who don’t have a gun can come here, as well as those who don’t even have a firearms license and would therefore not be able to obtain a gun legally. And for a favorable price, they can enjoy what they want to enjoy here.

And so you just have to aim at the right place. Which is not far at all. It is in Prague, which is accessible to our people, no matter where they live. And, of course, not only Czechs can go there, but also English-speaking foreigners, with whom the instructors can get along without any problems.

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