Anyone can shoot

Some people liked shooting. They have it as a hobby. Because them some watch westerns, others watch detective stories or war movies. And sometimes people get a gun license and then they can legally buy a firearm to shoot with. Of course, only in places where it is not dangerous for anyone.

But in addition to those who have legally purchased a suitable weapon and can use it in accordance with the law, there are also those who would also like to get their hands on a weapon and perhaps even want to shoot it, but they do not have the opportunity. For some, it is prohibited by law, for some it is not worth buying a gun because of the unique ability to shoot, someone does not have the money for a gun, and someone might like a gun that is not available because it is only for a limited circle of shooters in our country.

And what are people to do who don’t have the opportunity to shoot a legally held weapon that impresses them? You’re out of luck. You can’t get a gun. Or they will get it, but only if they take advantage of the offer to visit a specialized shooting range in our capital.

Such a shooting range is there for anyone who is willing to follow the regulations that apply there. And for everyone who also speaks Czech or English, to arrange with the instructors who will lend him the weapon of the customer’s choice and make sure that it is an experience that does not harm anyone.

And if you ever want to shoot an interesting weapon, you are certainly welcome there too. And you will enjoy it there. Just like other visitors are enjoying it there. Because that’s what this shooting range is here for. Here you will definitely choose the right one from the range of weapons that you want to try, and then you just have to pay for it. And you’ll be able to shoot yourself even if you don’t have a firearms license, which you would be required to do in everyday life everywhere else.

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