Aim and fire

Everyone does what they like in their free time. But while sometimes it comes easy, other times entertainment is inaccessible to us humans for some reason. Because sometimes we like what can’t be done just like that. Sometimes it is financially too demanding, sometimes it requires specific conditions that cannot be ensured everywhere, sometimes it requires all kinds of permits or equipment that are not so easily obtained. And so someone can have fun whenever they have a moment of free time, and someone seems to have no hope.

But those who really have very demanding and hard-to-find hobbies also want to have fun. For example, those who like to shoot firearms want to pursue their hobby, but do not have such weapons or a place where they can safely enjoy them. And it’s clear that you often have to lose your appetite. Because where does one get a firearm that one likes? Sometimes it can be bought for a lot of money if someone has a firearms license, but sometimes it is unavailable even to people with this license, because there are also weapons designed exclusively for specific purposes that cannot be possessed by just anyone.

But even those who have high demands and whose hobby is shooting do not have to find it difficult. Even if it seems that they will not succeed anywhere, it is not quite true. And they don’t even have to buy a gun illegally on the black market and pray they don’t get caught. There is also a special shooting range in Prague where all our people and even only English-speaking visitors can enjoy it. They will lend them one of the wide range of firearms, the instructors will teach such visitors how to handle such a weapon, and then they can shoot like a race. And safely, which is especially important in the case of similar activities.

And if you also like to shoot, feel free to come here by appointment. It will perhaps be an unrepeatable experience for you.

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