Shooting can also be fun

It is quite understandable that the opinions of us people about shooting are quite different. There are those who are frightened by these loud noises and run to hide somewhere, whether they are in real danger or not, but there are also those who, on the contrary, look for gunfire. Because there are also a lot of people for whom shooting is mainly fun. And it’s so much fun that they at least play soldiers when they can no longer be in the army. And besides, children often play armed policemen and thieves, and cowboys with colts damn low on their sides and the like.

So some of the Czechs got a firearms license so that they could legally own and use a firearm. And when they find a place that is safe enough, they can shoot like in the wild west. But other people have no legal firearms. And some people do have a gun, but not exactly the kind they would like to own. Some weapons are only for professionals, for soldiers, police officers or similar professions.

However, our people can easily try weapons that they do not have, and very unusual weapons that they would never be able to purchase because it would not be in accordance with the law. The kind that not just anyone has. But it is clear that they can only borrow them occasionally and use them only under the supervision of experts in a special place. And where is it? After all, at a modern shooting range that is available to those interested in our capital, Prague.

The instructors bring their customers here to a safe space, lend them the weapons of their choice and let them enjoy shooting under expert supervision, which is not possible anywhere else here.

And that’s definitely a good thing. Why wouldn’t Czech and foreign interested parties try it out, when they are not shooting at each other here, but at targets? Why would they not satisfy this desire of theirs, if it is allowed here?

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